Psalm 101

Please read Psalm 101 (8 verses)

These activities in this Psalm are the straight paths of righteousness in the life of the Christian. The psalmist lays out a series of promises that he makes to the Lord about his attitude and behaviour. The psalmist places love and justice as the very centre of His life. He desires a heart like God’s heart and seeks to live a blameless life. He longs for the coming of the Lord to bring in the everlasting kingdom.

The writer would keep all his life pure, from the way he runs his house and family, to the details of his own inner personal life with God. He will have nothing to do with evil and will stay away from all perversity and perverse people. People who gossip about others and betray their proud hearts will be silenced and only those who walk uprightly will be his close friends and confidants. It is a fine line to walk in the ways of the Lord and we should be able to encourage each other and instruct each other in holy living.

Honesty is of prime importance. The psalmist would seek the company of those who live their lives with integrity and are honest with themselves and other people. When we start to go astray and spend too much time on ourselves, we need to recognise that and face what we are like and bring it to God. God seeks truthfulness in our innermost selves and not just the outward show of seeming goodness. We seek holiness of life and a close walk with God.

The psalmist is vehement in his zeal for the Lord and does not tolerate evil in himself or others. He is seeking every day to draw closer to God and see the hand of God directing his life for good and not selfishness or hypocrisy.

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