Psalm 99

Please read Psalm 99 (9 verses)

The Lord is high and lifted up, exalted above all things that exist, for He has made them and they belong to Him. He is seated in the highest heaven between the cherubim, on the throne of holiness and power. He sits enthroned in the centre of the mercy seat, where we can come to Him with all our needs and requests. We can depend on Him because of who He is and that He is the perfect one. We should be filled with awe in His presence and have fear and reverence for Him. The nations will bow down to Him and the Queens and Kings of this world are set on high by Him. We should praise His name because of who He is and that He is holy.

All the activity of the Lord is full of justice. He metes out equity according to His knowledge and eternal will. He has judged His people with all fairness and has extended mercy to them. God loves justice and will ensure that righteousness prevails for every human. We may not experience it in this life, but we know there is judgment to come. If we should be left out of justice in this life we can be certain that God will work justice for those who are trusting in Him. And more. We experience His love and mercy when we come to Him in repentance and contrition. There is grace for all who will humble themselves and come to Him for their own personal debt to Him. He will sweep it away because Christ has died and fulfilled the justice of God on our behalf.

We have the witness of the pillars of faith in the Scripture as witnesses to this amazing mercy and grace and the beauty of God’s righteous dealing with them. We see their witness and seek it for ourselves. They responded in obedience to God’s commandment and so should we. God does punish misdeeds and teaches us His justice, but we revere Him and He forgives and lifts us up to be mighty in His kingdom. We worship Him…

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