Psalm 98

Please read Psalm 98 (9 verses)

We are asked in this Psalm to sing a new song to the Lord. The new song is the sweet song of salvation to God who has done wonderful things in bringing about the salvation of the world, which He has accomplished by His own righteous efforts, and not ours. This salvation is clearly revealed in the Word of the Lord and none are left with excuses that it was not obvious. Our inner voice of conscience witnesses to us of the law of God, that we have broken it and restitution must be made. God has revealed His way of free and full deliverance from sin, even by the way He deals with His people, Israel. The nations of the world see it and understand this great salvation. But the deliberations of modern philosophy has muddied the waters of thinking and caused much distress in the collective human psyche. We believe God is no more and we are free agents to do as we please. But God is still calling people out of this mindset and bringing them to repentance and faith.

Let us shout for joy to the Lord! Let our hearts rise up in holy and heartfelt worship to our God and rejoice in the depths and the breadth of the love that has procured such a salvation for our souls. Let us use the instruments of praise to help us to rejoice and give full expression to our love for God and what He has done.

Let the physical features of our world magnify the Lord as they sing to Him. The sea and the dry land and all who live there, let them raise holy hands to the Lord who made them. Let the rivers and the mountains sing together with joy. Let all sing before the Lord who will return to bring justice and equity to all the peoples.

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