Psalm 77

Please read Psalm 77 (20 verses)

The psalmist is remembering a time of extreme distress when God seemed far away and all his requests for comfort remained unanswered. He has called out to God in the darkness of the night and stretched out untiring hands for help and support, but the heavens seem hard as iron. He searches for the Lord because no other comfort will do. He sees no succour in the delights of this life, but only in the Lord his God. Even as he thinks of the Lord, he groans in his soul and grows faint with looking for the Lord. God keeps his eyes awake and his lips silent, even as God seems silent.

The writer asks some serious questions about God. He asks if His mercy has gone forever – has His love gone, never to return? Has God forgotten all His promises to the psalmist and forgotten to keep His everlasting Word? This is how it seems to the psalmist because the felt comfort of the compassion of the Lord is not in his life just now. He resolves to not give up and to seek the Lord. He will appeal to the goodness of the Lord and deliberately remember all the deliverances in the past when he felt and knew the closeness of God.

The psalmist tutors himself into remembering who God is and His faithfulness to all His people in times past. God is holy and great and therefore will not break His promises to His people who He has redeemed long ago. The psalmist remembers the demonstrations of power in the control of the great waters of the ocean, the storm and thunder storm and knows that the Lord is able, as well as willing, to deliver him no matter how he feels. He remembers that the Lord is a shepherd to His people and God will lead him safely on to his final destination just as He led His people in the past. Sometimes the footprints of the Lord cannot be seen and we must walk in faith that our Lord God will not fail.

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