Psalm 76

Please read Psalm 76 (12 verses)

The Lord is renowned by His people and His dwelling place is in the city of God. From His city of Zion he breaks the arrows, the shields and swords and all the weapons of war. No weapon formed against the Lord or the people of God will prosper, for God is to be feared and no one can stand against Him when He is angry. The Lord is radiant with light and lifted high in His inherent majesty. His enemies sleep the sleep of death not one of them can lift their hands against the Lord and all their means of war lie still.

The Lord is the only judge and the whole earth awaits the righteous judgment of the Lord, so that peace can prevail. Even the wrath and war-like tendency of humankind will end in praise to the Lord. The anger in the human heart will praise Him and vindicate His judgments.

As we make our vows to Him, we carry them out in faithfulness and purity and we bring all our gifts to Him as is His deserving. Even rulers acquiesce to Him because He is their Lord and feared by them. So also we fear the Lord and serve Him with faithful hearts, lifting His name high above all other names.

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