Psalm 68

Please read Psalm 68 (35 verses)

The Lord who made us is all things to all people. He orders all things and supplies the needs of all. Those who have no families, He will be a family to them, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Those who have no father or mother, will have the benefit of the care of the Father of all as their protector and provider. The Lord leaves none of His people destitute or alone, but supplies every need they have at the right time. We wait on Him to supply all we require and bless us.

The psalmist wishes the righteous to be happy and joyful before the Lord. We are happy when we are close to the Lord, for He is our home and our comfort. To be out of fellowship with Him because of our sin, is unhappy and unsettled for the believer. Therefore we rehearse His blessings to us to maintain our heart of gratefulness and indebtedness to the Lord. We forget and wander so easily and our sinful flesh hankers after the things of this life, we forget what spiritual blessings we enjoy and our heart becomes harder and less able to feel and know the Lord. We stay close to Him that we may dwell in His holy habitation.

On the other side of the coin, the psalmist speaks against the wicked, that they and their ways will be forgotten, that they will vanish like smoke and all who contaminate God’s world will be scattered and rendered powerless. Those who hate the Lord will flee from Him, for no one can stand against Him.

The blessing of spiritual rain falls on the earth when the Lord moves. Kings and armies flee at His presence and the mountains smoke with the power of the Lord. He will lead all his enemies captive and even the rebellious will come to Him. We bless the Lord who ladens us down with so many daily benefits and is the God of our eternal salvation. Those who adore Him will lead out the procession into the sanctuary where we will perpetually praise the Lord. Everyone who submits to Him will be have strength and power to overcome all their failures and sins and be able to praise Him.

We sing to Him who rides in the heavens and shows his strength in the clouds, for His deeds are awesome to those who believe and pray to Him.

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