Psalm 67

Please read Psalm 67 (7 verses)

The Lord is merciful and kind to all who live on the earth. The psalmist asks the Lord to bless His people so that the kindness of the Lord will be seen and the praises of His people will be heard. We testify to the Lord in the peaceable way that we live our lives and acquiesce to the commandments of the Lord in humility and obedience. The writer asks for blessing so that all the nations of the earth are blessed. This blessing of peace comes only because of Christ, and the day will soon come when His glorious reign will be over all. Sin and death will not exist anymore, as the eternal kingdom will have fully come.

The land will yield its harvest and there will be blessing for all the redeemed people of God. All wickedness will have finally passed and righteousness will prevail. This is the destiny of our planet and the glory of the people of God. Despite how things might appear and how we might feel about situations, the Lord is in control of all circumstance and peoples. He directs the rulers of the earth and raises them up and sets them down in His perfect will. God guides the leaders of all the big multinationals and allows success and failure according to His over-riding purposes and the destiny He has decided.

The psalmist prays for the leaders that they will be blessed and guided for the benefit of all who labour under them. The people are blessed by these mercies of the Lord and we are able to praise Him. All people will see the salvation of the Lord and fear the God who is over all and who is so ready to bless and prosper us.

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