Psalm 45

Please read Psalm 45 (17 verses)

This beautiful Psalm is about our mighty Lord Jesus and His beloved Church. His praises are a noble theme and heaven resounds with His glory and adulation. So also should our lives and voices. The Psalm contains the scripture concerning the deity of Christ in the book of Hebrews.

“Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever;”

The language about Christ in this Psalm, is very exalted and raises the Lord of heaven and earth as the adoring and adored Bridegroom at the wedding feast. He is the all conquering Son of God who carries the Sword of the Spirit and is clothed in splendour and majesty. There is no other like Him and He rides victoriously on His charger of the White horse, who carries Him to the wedding banquet, with all His blessed deeds with Him. His voice is anointed with grace because God the Father has anointed Him as Priest and King, forever. The writer is constructing a love song to the Bridegroom and celebrating the beauty of the bride dressed in the gold of Ophir. They are both highly exalted, Christ and His beloved people, the Church of Jesus gathered from all the centuries of time.

The Bridegroom rides victoriously in truth, humility and justice and His sharp arrows pierce the hearts of all His enemies. Because He loves righteousness and justice He is set above all and is highly exalted by the hosts of heaven. The robes of the Bridegroom are full of the aroma of sweet spices and the beauty of incense is fragrant all around Him. He is complimented by the glory and beauty of His beloved bride who stands bedecked in golden tresses and her garments interwoven with gold. She is attended by her servants and messengers and is led before the King, her Belovèd who is enthralled with her beauty. She is to forget the past life and be taken up with her lover and husband, Jesus Christ the King of all Kings and to pay attention to Him. This song will perpetuate her memory through all generations and the nations will praise her forever and ever.

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