Psalm 44

Please read Psalm 44 (26 verses)

Not to us, but to the Lord, does the victory belong. We gain the victory over our foes because of the favour of the Lord and because of the power His sword against the enemy. Through the name of the Lord we trample down our enemies and those who rise up against us. Our hope is not in our own skill or armaments, but in the salvation of the Lord.

But, the Lord is allowing great affliction on His servant and on the people of God. God does not shelter us from the difficulties of life or give preferential treatment to one above another. The Lord seems to have cast off His people and has allowed the enemy to take them as spoil. The people of God seem as nothing but food for the rich and the source of scorn and derision to the worldly. Shame and dishonour seem to be the portion of God’s people and those who hate God are having a field day.

The psalmist feels it is so unfair for he has not forgotten the Lord, neither has the inheritance of the Lord wandered away and been unfaithful. If they had been ungrateful and inconstant, then it would have been understandable, but the writer is having difficulties with the seeming injustice of it all. The quote from Isaiah binds this Psalm to the suffering Saviour…

“We are counted as sheep to the slaughter…”

The Psalmist seeks to awaken the justice of the Lord and pleads for attention. The people are suffering and God must arise and deliver them, for the body is close to death and the soul is humiliated. He calls to God to redeem His people for His mercies sake. This is the only ground for salvation…

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