Psalm 36

Please read Psalm 36 (12 verses)

The evil doers are fallen down and cannot rise again. God has given the psalmist a message about the wicked to share with us, so that we can recognise wickedness and deal with it in our own lives and in other lives. The primary problem is that we, in our fallen state, and the wicked, do not fear the Lord at all. They have no regard for the Lord as a person, neither are they afraid of His power or authority. They are foolish, as we saw in Psalm 14.

There are those have a very good opinion of themselves and think they are good enough for God, and God will be ok with them in the end. They have no concept of the holiness of God, nor any serious thoughts about the depths of their own sin. Their words are deceitful and hide the serious sin in their lives, and their hearts are full of folly, triviality and the reflection of the spirit of the age. They do not detect their sin because it is covered by the self-deception of positivism and a rosy glow in their view of their own behaviour. Those who reject God end up going their own wicked way and plotting what to do and say without the standards of the Lord to guide them, therefore they continually go wrong and choose the wrong direction.

The ways of the Lord are very different and His love towards the repentant could not be greater. God keeps His people safe because He is righteous, faithful and just at all times. The Lord is not like us, and we need a complete turn around in our souls, minds and hearts, to be like Him. God’s love is priceless and those who shelter under his wings have great blessings and comforts. We receive the blessings of His whole house and drink from the river of delight and the fountain of life. We have the light of life in our lives, the Word of God to direct our path daily. We gain the insight to walk uprightly and be wise and discerning people.

The psalmist asks that God will continue His love and care and keep the wicked from driving him away from his faith and love in the Lord his God.

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