Psalm 35

Please read Psalm 35 (28 verses)

The psalmist is feeling the oppression of his enemies acutely and brings the situation before God, that God will be his shield and defence. He wants to hear from the Lord that the Lord Himself is his salvation and not anyone else.

MHe asks that the enemy be put to shame and brought to confusion, so that their way becomes unclear and they are unable to carry out their wicked schemes. The enemies have put a net for his feet, to trip him up in his godly living, but he requests that they be caught in it themselves and that their destruction come on them when they do not expect it.

The psalmist will rejoice in the Lord and in all the ways of the Lord. He will not allow his spirit to be downcast because of the traps the enemy set for him, but will rejoice that he has the salvation of God. The bones of the writer cry out to the Lord and he knows for sure that the Lord will deliver the poor in spirit and the needy, so that those who oppress them are confounded.

The psalmist speaks of the oppressor as someone who he befriended and yet has dealt treacherously with him. Those he has helped and humbled himself before, have now turned on him and torn his psyche to pieces and behaved in a cowardly and hypocritical way. He asks God to rescue him for these lions who have waiting in cover for him, and that God will stir up His justice on his behalf. He asks that the righteousness of the Lord would prevent the wicked from gaining the victory over his life and soul, and that they be brought to the point of shame for what they have plotted against him.

Those who are supporting of the righteous will then rejoice at the vindication of the Lord and that the Lord will be magnified by his people because of His great justice. It is the sign of a godly life that we seek fairness and equity in every layer of life and society, and that ungodliness comes to nothing.

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