Psalm 31

Please read Psalm 31 (24 verses)

The psalmist is showing us the extent to which we can trust in the Lord our God. We can put our whole trust in Him because He is our fortress and our defence. He will be the rock of His people because of who He is and for the honour of His name. The Psalm cites many troubles and contains the prophecy of the words of Christ from the cross as He dies for the sin of the world.

The psalmist gives us many ways that the Lord has delivers him for the adversity that overtakes Him, especially at the hand of other people. The Lord has maintained his dignity despite the extreme repulsion of his physical appearance as he suffers depression and spiritual destitution. He is not lost for the Lord keeps Him and sustains his spirit as he listens to the slander about his person. The Lord has brought the writer to a wide place of comfort and released him from the blame and accusations of fools. He knows that his life and times are on the hand of God and that he will see and experience the goodness of the Lord which is prepared for those who trust in Him. The Lord has delivered his servant from all the secret and deadly plans of those who plot his ruin, as was the way of Christ as He escaped the many instances where the Pharisees tried to kill Him.

The psalmist admits that his heart gave way at the onslaught of the enemy, yet the Lord still heard his cries for help and has had mercy on Him. He constrains us to love the Lord and to be of good courage for the Lord will strengthen the heart that has living faith in Him and will surely repay the proud for all their posturing and show.

The face of the Lord will shine on His precious people and will deliver them in all times and circumstances of their adversity and trials, even to the constant threat to take their lives. The Lord hears the supplications of His suffering ones and gives them strength of heart to face the fears. He has delivered His servant and has kept all His promises therefore we will never be ashamed.

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