Psalm 30

Please read Psalm 30 (12 verses)

Weeping only lasts for the night – joy comes in the morning. We may experience the short weeping of this weary life, but the joy of heavens morning will cover over all tears. Similarly the anger of the Lord is temporary for the believing heart, but His favour lasts through our whole life. We rejoice to know our God who turns our wailing and sorrow into dancing and joy.

The psalmist lifts high the name of the Lord for he has been raised out of the depths of despair and distress and his enemies have been put to shame. The writer has been brought out of sickness and death and given healing and a new life in God. He does not belong with those who go down to the pit but has been given a new destiny and reason to live. When the Lord shows us His favour we are truly blessed, but when we cease to feel His felt presence with us, we fall into a myriad of insecurities and even despair. We are made for God and without Him we are in the deepest of troubles, which we may not recognise, but are a spiritual reality.

The psalmist remonstrated with the Lord again to withhold His righteous judgment and let him live for surely the dust of the earth, by which we are made cannot praise the Lord. The psalmist asks for mercy that his voice of praise will ever be raised to the God of his salvation.

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