Psalm 28

Please read Psalm 28 (9 verses)

The Lord is a rock to His people and we can call on Him at all times. God is not deaf or the cries of those who suffer loss, for if He were to ignore us, we would be no better off than those who are heading to destruction.

We lift up our hands to the most holy place and worship the Lord who delivers us from all our foes. We are not dragged away like the wicked who give in to the temptation to speak in a friendly way to their friends, but gossip and malign them behind their back. God hates hypocrisy for it is really lying and hiding behind a false veneer of pleasantness to practice a cruel mindset.

The Lord will repay such behaviour by cutting the wicked down to size and never rebuilding them. They will suffer such loss that they will never recover their composure nor regain their place in the pecking order that they crave. The Lord may deliver them in His good pleasure and rescue them from a life of futility, for He is not willing that any should perish, but the position of the hypocrite is dangerous. The Lord can save the least and the lowest, such is the mercy of the Lord towards sinful people.

The heart of the Psalmist leaps for joy that the Lord is his shepherd and will lead him safely through the troubles of life to the place of rest. The Lord is his strength and shield and his whole being will be carried in joy and praise by the Lord forever.

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