Psalm 27

Please read Psalm 27 (14 verses)

The Psalmist is not afraid of anything, because he fears the Lord. No enemy, invading army or state of war will intimidate him from his faith in the Lord his God. The Lord has saved him from sin and death and has given him great gospel light, so that he will walk in the ways of the Lord all his life.

He asks for three requests, to dwell in the house of the Lord forever; to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord; and to seek the face of the Lord in His house. He knows the Lord will keep him safe against the enemy in three ways. The Lord will keep him safe; shelter him and lift him high upon a rock of refuge. As a result of the rescue of the Lord, he experiences three consequences of the Lord’s blessing on his life. The reputation of the psalmist will be lifted up; he will set himself apart for the Lord; and rejoice before Him with great joy. He knows the mercy of the Lord and seeks the Lord with a full heart. Even when his family forsake him, the Lord will never leave him and will teach him every right way. The psalmist has been hurt by rejection, but the Lord has taken his cause and supported him.

The writer of the Psalm is still concerned about the malicious speaking of the enemies that surround him, but he deals with them by resting on the promises of God. He knows he cannot stop their verbal abuse, but He has full confidence in the deliverance of the Lord. The psalmist is strong and has a true heart for the Lord and will still see the goodness of the Lord in this fallen world. He reminds us of these facts and tells us to do the same.

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