Psalm 25

Please read Psalm 25 (22 verses)

The psalmist is feeling the effects of the oppression of other people and is iterating his trust in the Lord. He knows that his Lord is faithful and will never leave him, because of his personal faith, built through past difficult experiences. He allocates the Lord the exalted position as being the God of his salvation and asks his Lord to give him courage in the face of the adversity he faces. It may be physical and social adversity, which feeds the adversity that has built up in his own mind.

The writer realises his unworthiness to have the help of the Lord, and asks the Lord not to remember the sins and failings of his past life, but to teach him, lead him and protect him in these oppressive days. He recognises his iniquity has been great, but also knows the mercy of the Lord is greater. He admits his fault and asks the Lord not to hold it against him but to teach him the everlasting way. The fear of the Lord is wisdom and God will honour all who walk in this way. He will teach sinners His ways and freely forgive and honour the penitent. The mercy of the Lord extends to the following generations of those who honour Him and seek his mercy. This is an eternal promise to the upright in heart, made upright by the mercy of the God that they seek. The Lord will release his feet from the nets of the wicked.

The psalmist is in so much distress he is ill and feels his infirmity acutely. He asks the Lord to release him from his distress and relieve the suffering in his mind and soul. In his distressed state he feels his sin and needs the reassurance of the grace of God towards him and that he is forgiven and free. His confidence is only in the Lord, for only the Lord can heal these wounds. He prays that he will be released from the cruel judgement of other people and find the release that God gives to all who believe in Him.

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