Psalm 24

Please read Psalm 24 (10 verses)

This exultant Psalm starts with clarity about who God the Lord is. The Lord owns everything, land and sea and everything in them, for He has made everything that exists. Every person who lives and has ever lived belongs to Him and He alone decides their fate. God is the sovereign Lord over all that He has made, both in our reality of creation and all other worlds that are outside our sphere of experience. He rules everything by His power and wisdom, and nothing is outside His control. 

Who can draw near to the Lord? 

Only those with clean hands and pure hearts, who have been made righteous before the holy one. They have kept their hearts and their words pure before God and other people. Those who seek this righteousness are not disappointed and worship God alone and turn away from all idols of heart, mind and practice. They seek His face and are vindicated by the power of the Spirit and cleansed by the shed blood of the Saviour. 

The Psalm changes to great exaltation of the King of all Kings, the holy chosen one of God to be the Saviour of the world. The ancient doors lift their heads for the mighty conqueror is passing through. The one who has bought salvation and to whom all things and all people belong. This King of glory is none other but Christ, the Lord mighty in battle and the all-victorious King of His people. All Queens and Kings of the earth will bow to Him, and He will be set high above all at the right hand of God. Such is the destiny of all who seek after the God of Jacob. 

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