Psalm 12

Please read Psalm 12 (8 verses)

The psalmist cries out for the help of the Lord, because the godly are few and unrighteousness dwells all around him. The sins of the community are festering everywhere and there is no godliness in the lives of the people. They have forsaken the ways of the Lord and rejected God their Saviour. The sins of speaking are rampant and gossip and flattery abound. The speaking is all about boosting up the psyche of the speaker and getting the better of the other person. They speak words of fake kindness to get their own way and pretend friendliness in order to manipulate the other person for their own ends.

The writer asks the Lord to cut off all flattering tongues that speak proud and exalted things and even exalt themselves above the Lord their maker. The heights of pride that these people reach is breathtaking and they think they are in control of their lives and are happy to Lord it over each other. They oppress the poor and needy, who sigh and the sound goes up to the Lord. The Lord rises to bring safety and security to the poor in spirit and bring them the security they desire.

The Word of the Lord will prevail for it is pure and refined in the furnace seven times – the perfect number. The perfect word of the Lord will deliver the needy and preserve them in their lives for the generations to come. The wicked prowl around seeking who they will devour because the vileness of sin is tolerated by the community of people. The Lord will not let this go on forever, but will deliver His people.

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