Psalm 11

Please read Psalm 11 (7 verses)

The upright will see the face of God but the wicked will be put to flight. The Lord loves justice and He will administer it in righteousness. For those who are wicked in heart there is a gathering storm that will sweep them away. The psalmist puts all his trust in the Lord but is dealing with large mouths of fear. He feels like running away and fleeing from his situation and even his life. The enemies seem so close and so ready to destroy him and he feels he is in the firing line for the worst scenario of deadly assault. He reminds himself who is in charge of this toxic situation and the attitude of the Lord to the enemy of his soul. The Lord remains on His holy throne at all times and His eyes see all the deeds the wicked do and every intention of the human heart.

The Lord has a different attitude towards His people than the wicked. The testing of the righteous is in the good blessing of the Lord for growth and sanctification, but the Lord hates all those who love violence and strife. He will punish all those who pursue evil and violent outcomes and His wrath will be their portion. He nurtures His people through the hardships they face, but destroys the wicked with a burning wind.

The Lord loves the righteous and all those who love peace and pursue it. He watches the righteous woman and man and will never let them be destroyed. The psalmist gains strength from these truths and will face his fears in the courage of the Lord his God.

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