Psalm 5

Please read Psalm 5 (12 verses)

The psalmist raises his voice in a plea to the Lord his God. This is the pathway of wisdom and the highest court of appeal when dealing with the injustices of life and the disregard of other people. He asks God to consider him and to listen to his plea for mercy. He lays his petition before God, early in the morning when he awakens after the long night.

He appeals to the Lord, since God hates bloodthirsty and deceitful people, who lie to themselves about their state before him and think God does not know their hearts. They fail to understand their own psyche and excuse themselves of all blame or responsibility for what happens in their lives. God takes no delight in any wickedness either inward or outward and no evil person will stand in the presence of the Almighty. Their tongues flatter and cajole in order to get their own way and find out information that they can use for harm. There is no love in their dealings and their motivations are purely fleshly. The psalmist calls on God to find them guilty and to be caught in their own wicked counsels.

The Psalmist fears the Lord his God and seeks to come into the house of God to worship and serve, where he might find refuge from the onslaught of the unrighteous. He asks for good discernment that he might combat the enemy effectively and rejoice that his trust in the Lord is well placed.

He rejoices in the Lord at the deliverance from foes that he has experienced, for God will bless the righteous and surround them with favour like a shield. The favour of God acts as a hedge around the believer and delivers them from temptation, fear and intimidation. It builds resilience of character and a deep confidence in the LORD. Favour lasts a lifetime, because it is the result of grace.

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