Psalm 4

Please read Psalm 4 (8 verses)

The Lord hears the call of the righteous and has comforted them in their many distresses. He has provided all they need and shows them every good thing. The Lord can fill the heart with gladness and enable us to lie down after our days work and sleep in peace. It is His blessing and He gives the confidence to rest in peace and the clear conscience that enables us to sleep and get our rest.

Even when things do not go right for the righteous person, they are able to deal with their emotions and sort out in their mind the right thing to do. The ability to be able to think through a situation and come to a good resolution, is of the Lord and in the end we put our trust in him to sort out the situations that we cannot understand or see a resolution to, knowing that He is sovereign and will not fail us.

The Lord hears us in our distresses and relieves us from the burden of carrying them, through His tender mercy towards us. He will hear us when we call to Him because of His promises to us in the Scripture. The godly person is set aside for God and God will not allow them to be destroyed by those who follow falsehoods. The Lord will conquer all the destructive forces that militate against His people and will give the victory to those who call on him. The Lord allows those who trust in Him to dwell in peace and safety.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 4

  1. I love the fact that my God hears my cries when I cry out to Him. He is always so close to us. He is so close that when we whisper His name, HE hears us and comes. Glory to His name.


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