Trouble has come

“Trouble and distress have come upon me”

Psalm 119:143

Trouble and even distress, come into every life. But they are not always there. They can come upon us at certain times and in pre-ordained circumstances. No one wants distress, but we suffer it and God allows it, or sends it to us. It is painful and we complain under the stress of it. “Why Lord?”

Sometimes we have the wisdom to understand why, and sometimes we don’t. As we go through the distress, we can know the closeness of the Lord in a unique way. This is the point of it. It loosens our hold on other things, and we gradually realise that we only need Him. God will supply all our needs and will smooth our troubled minds and hearts with His amazing love.

This is the destiny of every person who will trust Him and lay all that they are at His feet. He will teach us, according to His purposes for us, and always for our personal good. When trouble comes, as it will, we look to Him and obey His Word.

“but your commands give me delight.”

Psalm 119:143

When we obey and keep His commands, we will have delight. His commands are not grievous, but set us free to enjoy and follow Him. The certainty of God’s Word and the presence of Christ in our lives brings us a lasting joy.

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