A surgeon will use an operating tool called a lance, to open up an infected wound and let the puss and disease run out from the body. It seems like a dramatic way to cure something, but it is necessary to let out the infection, or the disease will get worse. If the doctor does not treat the wound, then the patient could loose a limb or even die.

When our lives go wrong, the surgeon of our soul, Jesus Christ, must lance the wound where sin has infected the body and soul, and thereby cure the Christian. We go wrong so easily and we fall into temptations and even serious sins, without much effort. We loose our view of the Lord, and plunge into wrong decisions and foolish actions.

The infection in us has only one cure. The power of the sword of the Spirit must be applied to our minds and hearts, and the deceitfulness of sin must be lanced and allowed to drain away. It can be painful and can last longer than we would want, but the cure is good. Once the cut is made, the infection can drain out, and the wound can heal. This will also affect the rest of the body and bring wholeness once more.

“…..the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God….” Ephesians 6:17

The great physician will not allow His child to fall into spiritual sickness forever, but will administer the remedy that is suitable. He is ready to help us and make us fit again for His company, so let us not wallow in regret, but take the cure and let it do us good.

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