The bride of Ophir


“Led in with joy and gladness, they enter the palace of the king.”   Psalm 45

The bride is ready. She has been made ready for this great day of destiny. No day is happier for her and her Bridegroom.

She is perfect, beautiful and all she has is interwoven with pure gold. When we read Psalm 45, the atmosphere is filled with joy and expectation, as the queen awaits the Bridegroom. This is the day she has desired for, fought for and kept her faith placed in the certainty of this moment.

The bride enters the palace of the king to never leave, but be in His presence forever. All trouble has been forgotten and all the resisting of sin is now finally conquered. She is bedecked in glory, not her own but shared with Him who she loves. This is the destiny of every child of God.

This Bridegroom is the ultimate embodiment of victory and glory. He is the Prince of peace, the king of the ages, and the eternal God in the person of Christ. No one who trusts in Him will be disappointed. His people will be His glory and His inheritance and He will be theirs. Who would reject Him for the paltry pleasures of this doomed planet? Who would swap this eternal joy of darkness and destruction?

May we enter the palace of the king and love Him with great joy.

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