The well

“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”   Isaiah 12:3

The wells of salvation have no bottom. They are endless waters of peace and refreshment. There is no other place of such access to eternal life. All who draw water from those deep depths are never left unsatisfied.

When we first come to the well, we are laden down with sins and sorrows. We are desperate and unsure about lowering our bucket into the deep dark waters. We know we need to. We feel the guilt of our sin and the strong desire to be rid of it moves us to approach the well.

In desperation we reach for the water. As we draw up the salvation of God, we are immediately changed and a new life rises up in our souls. We have tasted that water and it is good. Forever after, we return to drink deeply of those living waters and drink deeply with great joy.

Every day of our lives as Christian people, we draw water from those wells of salvation. Every day we have the joy of our Lord Jesus welling up in us, since He bought us by His blood. The dreadful price He paid, He paid, knowing the joy set before Him and the certainty of possessing His people for all eternity.

We draw the water, daily, and always will. The well will remain open to us, even in the glory of that eternal city, so that our joy in the Lord will be full.

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