Anger and righteousness


“for the anger of man doesn’t produce the righteousness of God.”   James 1:20

Human beings getting angry solves nothing. Christians being angry does not bring about God’s will or bring people into the kingdom.  

Anger is a strange emotion, because the Scripture tells us that God is angry. God’s anger is against the one thing that ruins our lives and ruins God’s world. Sin.

Anger is the other dimension of God’s love because He hates sin and will not tolerate it at all. God is working out His purposes in all things, and one day sin will be finally put away and all will be love, joy and peace in His kingdom. God’s anger is perfect and is part of His holy character. 

Our anger is not holy, and leads us into bad feelings and hurtful thoughts that do no good. In other words, our anger is sinful. The Scriptures does speak about a holy anger or an anger that is not sinful. This anger is what a Christian feels when the holiness of God is being brought low or put down in disrepute. When people take God’s name and use it disrespectfully, we can feel very negative about that. The Christian is concerned for God’s glory and also that unbelievers will come to know God. The anger is not necessarily destructive, but wanting that everyone should know the truth and believe. 

When we get angry at people, it is usually that they have hurt us or caused some kind of loss. We are angry at the injustice that has happened. Feeling angry is one thing, but what we do about it is key to keeping a holy life. 

It is best to bring all anger to God, and leave it with Him to deal with. Only He has the full perspective and only He can discern properly what the end of the matter should be. 

Anger can make us feel righteous, but that does not mean we have “righteous anger.” We are always struggling with our own sins and are not made perfect in righteousness, so it is best to leave it all with God. 

In situations that cause us to be angry for whatever reason, if we take the anger into our own hand, it will not do good in or for anyone. The outworking of our anger leads to more trouble, because we cannot see the situation, or fully know the minds of other people. Leave anger alone and God will bring good from situations that we are not qualified to cope with. 

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