Calling out


What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight;” Matthew 10

We are all scaredy-cats. We worry about how we come across and if people think well of us. We like to be regarded as “smart” “godly” “wise” “knowing..” we are none of these things. Our judgment is seriously flawed and we desperately need the Word of God and the Spirit of God to “dwell in us, richly.” This is a life-long experience. The closer we grow to the Lord Jesus and the more accurate the imprint of His character in us, the more we gain His everlasting features in our character. 

God calls His children to suffer. There are always temptations and sorrow to contend with. We are involved in a fight and we are not promised an easy time. Walking through dark places is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to grow in grace and the power of God. When the road is most dark, God is always close, even though we don’t know His presence. The difficulties teach us and refine our mind and heart to become increasingly like Christ our Lord. 

When we have learned our lessons, then the lessons we learned in the dark can be shared. When you find the way out of trouble, shout the answer out to others around you. When you are walking in the daylight, it’s time to show the light to other people. Many don’t know there is an escape from the doubt and fears that follow us around. If people could know there is an answer, then they could seek it and find it. 

Whatever God is teaching you in your dark days, you will be able to speak it in the light. Rescue others from the dark so that they will also have a testimony to the grace of God. 

Don’t fear the dark, it is God’s school for Christian character. As you learn to weild the Word of God, so your strength will grow and all will be light. 

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