The land


How beautiful is the earth, made so full of life and glory, enervating desire to see it in all its magnificence, but how difficult it is for a single human to do this. The planet is huge and still has many unchartered places and devastating beauty to be uncovered.

How much more wonderful to see and walk the plains of heaven, and climb the majestic mountains of the promised land. Rivers will flow, bringing eternal life to all who inhabit this everlasting place and the mighty sea, that forever ebbs and flows on the shores of every homeland for every saint.

Trees that never fade, fall but forever flourish in spacious forests where God’s people will dwell and be at praise, as the one single day of forever invades each heart and fulfills all prophecy.

A brilliant blue sky that will never darken, through the timeless ages of heaven’s kingdom, where the Prince of Light, reigns for all his children. Beyond the dome above, lie tracts upon tracts of never-ending joyful day, where all can be whole, and fulfill their destiny as Kings and Queens of the eternal ages of eternity. There is more to know than can ever be known and feelings and passions that never stray into wrong, but always lead to delight and new thoughts and ideas leading to endless new things.

All know each other, even as each are known by the Saviour King, as friendship and conversation bloom like a huge garden of never withering flowers. No unkind deed or word raises itself against love, nor selfish intention sullies the redeemed mind. All is overflowing with gratefulness, as every loosed slave, seeks to understand why they were included in the freedom bought with such a price. No regret or sorrow is there, but the soaring mountains of the mind and heart, set free from guilt, shame and maudlin selfish desire to punish and hurt. No unclean thing will bother the mind and every thought and deed a sacrifice of praise and gladness.

None of these blessed people fully knows why they were chosen, but are comforted by the sight of the battle-wounds, etched on the hands and face of their Lord and Master. They are there still, as markers on the face of God. The scars of love remain in that heavenly city, as monuments of grace, for them. They also by their presence, stand and burn in glory as God’s redeemed people. All creatures regard them in complete wonder, at why they are so loved.

Nothing is done for work or toil or need, only pleasure, joy and fun. Imagination is limitless, wisdom made perfect and ambition fully complete in the unending, unfailing works of love.

Praise rises daily through the rivers of light that pass like quicksilver beyond the stars in the vault of golden light, to sing the name of Heaven’s King and bless the love that never yields to darkness. Trouble gone, pain banished and suffering never remembered, as the dance of joy spans heaven’s land and sky and every soul is free.

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