“My flesh trembles in fear of you; I stand in awe of your laws.” Psalm 119:120 NIV

Here is the place of humility and regard for the Almighty God. Here is our true position in relation to God the Father. Here is right thinking and feeling. Here is our place of power and new living. 

All our being is centred on this one point. I stand in awe of you, God and your laws. In this state we will walk rightly, and faith will have its strong anchor in the grace of God. 

The Christian fears the Lord and reveres His holy name. All other fears are far behind this one and the Christian walks this world with a holy boldness in the faithfulness of the Father in heaven. Fear of God is a pure fear. It does not destroy or undermine because it is a right fear. We do not only respect God, but the realisation of who He is causes us to act towards Him with deep penitence. Some say we don’t need to be afraid of God, but that is a foolish attitude. God holds our very breath in His hands and determines our life and death. We should be afraid of the ultimate being who has all power and authority over us and everything else too. 

To know God is to walk with Him in complete confidence and reliance. Our fear becomes a positive part of our lives as we seek to serve God and become like Him in holiness and obedience. There is no fear of punishment or the trials of life that He permits, but a daily knowing that all is well with us. We come before His presence with reverence and joy. We realise who He is and that we have a safe relationship in Christ as part of the family of God. 

This is not only a spiritual fear, but our body should also react to the knowledge and nearness of the living God. The meditation on the person of God should cause us to tremble and to take our place prostrate at His feet. All our being must love the Lord our God and have a deep reverence for His person. The fact that the Spirit of God dwells in our bodies, should cause us concern to act and think rightly. 

As life progresses we grow in this holy fear, as deeper realisations come to us. The law of God makes increasing sense and it’s trustworthiness means more and more to the believer. The deeper we see how this law works in us and others, so we grow in the fear that we might obey it and allow it to overtake us.  

The law of the Lord us always cogent to our lives. We have been redeemed from its curse, but we obey it as it shows to us the beauty of the Lord. God’s law stands forever and is forever true, as a perfect reflection of His person, seen closely by us, in Christ. Some might presume to throw it over in the name of the Spirit, but this can never be. The Spirit witnesses the person of God and all He is. God does not contradict Himself, though others might. Our knowledge and view of God is based in the Scriptures and the Spirit witnesses to us the truth revealed. 

Fear of God comes upon us as we understand the destiny of the ungodly. Unforgiven people stand in the courtroom of eternity, totally ruined. Who can imagine the sense of terror they will feel at that time. While they live they are insulated from the consequences of their sin, by the enjoyments of life, and there is no fear of God before them. This is a most dangerous state. God speaks. He wakens the senseless sinner and allows them to feel the monstrous nature of their sins. As they see the holiness of God, they seek a Saviour. This fear of God must be there, if they are to think, feel and act to seek the Lord.

No fear of God is a dangerous position and ends in no salvation and therefore punishment. It is our job to awaken people to their need and tell them of a Saviour’s love for them. This is the motivation of God. His love is not willing that any should perish. He calls to all to recognise His holiness and repent and believe. 

Lord, I stand in awe of your person. I rejoice at your salvation and walk in obedience to your holy law. May I always tremble in your presence with the realisation of who you are….

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