The situation

4022B04B-33A3-45C3-A756-5B34CA9850EAThe raising of Lazarus by Sebastiano del Piombo (1519)

The message is not preached because we’ve forgotten what it is.
The good news is not good, because it has become a series of rules to be monitored.
Sin is not proclaimed because we don’t examine ourselves and understand it.
Sin has lost its horror and the outworking of it in our lives causes us no pain.
The death of Christ is used as a plaster to cover over an open wound that will not heal.
Our personal responsibility for His death is not known or felt.
The resurrection is no longer a wonder and almost never proclaimed in it’s glory. The secular world doesn’t believe, and so neither do we.
We purport to believe, but the resurrection power has gone from our lives.
The beauty of the Lord is a mystery, because we don’t see Him in the Word. We don’t look for ourselves but rely on half-dead witnesses who wallow in pride.
The love of God is just something to help me in trouble and give me a sense of belonging.
God’s wrath is ignored and He is portrayed as a soft-hearted old gentleman in the sky.
We are not afraid.
It will all come right in the end.
We can’t speak about something that we know nothing about, because we have no personal walk with the Living Lord Jesus.
We think our self righteous life is good enough for God. We have forgotten the meaning of “pure” and “holy.”
We don’t actually care enough for others to make sacrifices.. certainly not sacrifices that cost us something we might want.
So the people of our generation march into death forever. How can we say we believe “The Word” and yet live as if it doesn’t exist.?

“Lord, save us from ourselves….”


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