It will be (forever)


Heaven will be great. We know it without actually knowing all that will be there, but from what can now be known, it will be everything beyond our wildest dreams. Every power that we can have, creativity, Art, Music, Poetry, Writing, Swimming, will all reach their fullest attainment, to be enjoyed fully, without fear or regret.

There will be joys that cannot be experienced now, as our minds, body and souls are not ready as yet. Things hidden within, glories deep powers, similar to the Transfiguration, will shine out in astounding power and intensity.

The greatest joy will be the final and total victory over our own sinfulness. Human tendency for wrong will finally be cast away and triumph shall lead the endless years of joy, peace and love.

We shall be free. No one shall offend, correct or rebuke us as we praise and glorify the Lord of all, and reflect his grace. This will be a true knowing, an accurate seeing and a fully faithful believing.

The body as an incorruptible, undefiled and immortal unity, to never fail or fade in any regard. It will live eternal life without boundaries or restrictions and the cloying effect of the law of a fallen nature will never apply.

All evil will be bound in darkness as the light of Christ radiates out of his own redeemed people, as they celebrate and truly live life forever.

Nothing shall hurt, no one will put us down and nowhere will be shaded from the incomparable beauty of Christ. We shall know Him as he loves us and has known us for before the galaxies were made. And he will continue to love when this ruined world has long gone and has been forgotten by us all.

It is hard to look ahead, in case we should get too keen too soon, and desire things that we cannot have today. The present road we walk with Him and enjoy his company as he permits. Each day we must progressively seek him and desire to follow him more nearly, as we experience heaven’s joys in the here and now, although tempered and clouded by our own weaknesses and this world’s sadness and evil ethos.

As we travel surely to home we know a growing weariness of what this world offers and an ever-growing love for Him and that place ahead.

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