Will you repent?

You know you are wrong. Your conscience tells you so. You won’t repent because that would be an admission of guilt, so your pride keeps you away…
Your Father God calls you in great love to full and free forgiveness, but it’s not worth it…

– You know the person you are thinking about is right, but you will never speak up for them, because it would take away from yourself. It would make you “less” (as perceived) so pride keeps you silent.

– You have been thinking of this person for days now. You rehearse what you should say. An apology, a lowering of the knee to admit error. You think this person is less than you, so you excuse yourself and carry on.

– A stream of thoughts is apportioning blame to someone else. It persists because you don’t deal with it. You could let it go, but it will stand between you both until you relinquish it’s hold on your mind. Spiritual battles are too difficult.

– Troubling doubts fill your time with God. You feel a hypocrite. What is it, Lord? You remember saying hurtful things about another person. That was unkind. They were in the wrong, so they deserve it. You become a judge with a wicked heart.

– You know someone has wronged you. The objective will be to sieze an opportunity to teach them a lesson. You will keep it in your mind so that when the moment comes, you can apply the “lesson.”

– Today is rest day. You need lots of rest. A friend is facing a situation alone. They don’t want to ask you as they know you are busy. Will you ask them? Or will you relax at home? There is no record of Jesus relaxing. He ministered to everyone.

– I don’t like saying Jesus’ name. People think it is weird. I don’t talk about Him at all, it’s too embarrassing, especially at work, or with family, or with friends, or at church. I’m sure He will accept me anyway.

– It cheaper to use the photocopier at work. After all, it’s God’s work so it doesn’t count. I need to save my money for something more important.

– The person I don’t like much is usually the person who I have wronged. Or the person who has challenged you about wrong-doing. They have no right to criticise you and you will make sure they pay.

– Discrimination is still rife in “church” culture. People are excluded because they are from a particular racial group, or gender or age range. Who will stand up and show the way forward?

To ignore the conscience is dangerous, because it will eventually switch to silent…

“…holding on to faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and so have suffered shipwreck with regard to the faith..”
1 Timothy 1:19 NIV

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