The message of Good News

2017-04-13 19.59.05

This message is the message of the whole Bible. It is the communication of a loving God to creatures who do not love Him, and who nailed Him to a cross in hatred and rejection of His love. This message is undeserved and reaches out to us in love and salvation. It is not understood by the natural heart of people, which is hard toward the Spirit of God and desires sin and a sinful life. The human heart is dead in its sins and cannot save itself.

The person in their natural state, stands condemned before God. In our deadness we do not feel it or see our need to get into a right relationship with God. We walk the earth physically alive, but spiritually dead. We do not know God, or love Him or His ways, and so we imagine we are ok and have wrong and fatal views of ourselves and God.

We avoid Him. We spend our lives running from Him and yet blaming all our ills on Him and hating His ways of holiness and praise. We get involved in sinful practices and hurtful pursuits and think it is ok and we will find satisfaction in the things of this life. We feel and know only the joys of this life, which will finally and disappointingly fail.

A dead person cannot choose. A dead person cannot feel or have any sensibility towards anything to do with God, or spiritual life. We are spiritually dead in our human existence, and full of corruption. We seek folly and walk in it. We will never choose the Lord. In our own foolishness we appreciate only the delights of this life.

In mercy, God has purposed to save people for Himself. People who will live and thrive in His spiritual life, with His Holy Spirit dwelling in them, purifying them and setting them apart for a life of such privilege and glory in His eternal kingdom. He is not willing that anyone should perish, but that everyone would come to Him and find this amazing life. He shows us Himself even in the things of this life, but supremely in the glory of the Holy Scriptures. Without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit we cannot understand them, so He enlightens the minds of people to take in and comprehend the message of the Scriptures.

There are those who will be eternally lost. Those who will not listen to his voice of love and endearment, spoken into our lives by the Spirit of God. There is a heaven to be gained and a hell to be avoided. This is why we speak. This is why we tell people about a living and loving Saviour who will rescue them for their wrong desires and sinful practices and give them new life.

JESUS is our Saviour. He is able to save because of the most surprising and sacrificial act that there has ever been… He gave His life on a cruel cross to pay the price of sin for a race of scoundrels. He gave Himself for those who rejected His message and hated His deeds. Because of what Jesus did He can save those who trust in Him. He suffered dreadful pains and agony, and the final ignominy of hearing those he died for, curse His precious name. As His arms stretched wide on that cross, so they call out to every human heart and mind. “Come- all things are ready” there is nothing else to do.. salvation is the gift given to anyone who bows their knees and puts their trust in HIM.

The Lord Jesus gives life and light to all who come and follow. We must give up our hearts to His love and walk with Him, like small children, holding His hand, and trusting every step of the road that leads to heaven and home. We must come like children to a loving Father, and give up our sinfulness completely and forever. As we walk along the pathway, we reach heaven and enter into the joy that was bought for us at such a great price.

As we read the Word of God and obey, so we progress towards that wonderful place. We walk closer and closer to Him. We adore Him and keep ourselves in the love of God.

As Christians, this is what we live, speak and share with lost people who walk this earth without a loving Saviour and friend. We should be practicing speaking about Him and thinking about what pieces of the written Word we could give to people, so that they can look and see for themselves. Think of opportunities you could use to share this message. Think of how you could change your life practices to mirror theses great truths.

No one is beyond the pale until God says so.. Christians- get busy, get love, get mercy and learn to speak His name…

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