Child to maturity


When I was a child, I thought as a child, I spake as a child. But when I became a women, I put away childish things, including the love of childishness and the desire to never grow up.

Maturity is not that celebrated in any circle. In fact it is denigrated and laughed at as quaint and old-fashioned. Especially funny are the ideas and thoughts of older sisters, who are handy for a cheap laugh from the pulpit. They are too gracious and polite to speak up…

To run from maturity is folly. It is a crowning glory on the heads of older saints of God. The young are wise to listen to their teaching and instruction, as the mature sisters are familiar with the deep words and promises of God. How privileged it is to learn from those who have gone through deep trials of all kinds, and can teach with illustration from real life.

Lack of respect is ignorant and short sighted. We may feel elevated at first, but people soon see our prejudice and bad attitudes.

Let us fix our ways before God himself teaches us respect. Who would fall into His hands?

Grow up. Get rid of the toys and childish preoccupations. Look at role models who lived for Christ, served Him incessantly and died proclaiming His praise.
Put off the folly of childhood and become the woman of God that you were intended to be – mature, wise, godly, full of good works and always pointing the way to God.

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