Is Jesus exclusive?


The claims of Jesus resound in the Holy Scriptures. He makes it clear that He is not a “good teacher” He is not a “good man” – a man slightly elevated and set apart from other men. Jesus claimed and demonstrated that He is the holy God. He created the Universe, the Cosmos and the many distant world’s. He has always been with the Father. He is an infinite being who never had a start and will never end. He is Eternal Life. He is the Word of God made flesh. He is the Son of God incarnate, who came to save people from everlasting punishment. He alone is the way to God, the only mediator and Saviour of human-kind. Only He is able and willing to sacrifice Himself for the destitute race that is human beings.

This is who He is. The way to freedom, salvation and forgiveness is through Him. Only Him. There is only one way to heaven, and that way is on a His terms, not ours.

The path of repentance and faith is the only way to heaven. We face our sinful selves and bring our rottenness to Christ and He is able to forgive anyone who comes and trusts in Him. This is a supernatural process that only God the Son can perform.

Christ died so that humans don’t have to. He offers free salvation to anyone who will humble themselves and give up their selfish lives to Him. Our destruction is that we refuse Him and insist on our own way.

This is the only way to God. It is an exclusive way and has a single Saviour.

All honour, glory and praise is unto His name for ever and ever.

All those who believe and worship Him, JESUS the LORD of ALL, say “Amen”

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