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Earthquakes abound in our world. Some we hear about, most we don’t. The earth is restless, waiting for the redemption and setting free of God’s people. These are the last days. Wars, rumours of wars, tourmoil in the natural world and in human society. This earthquake story happend some years ago in Turkey and the world was left stunned as we watched on our TV screens. This is Gods’ message in every human disatser. JESUS said “Come to me, all you who are troubled and deeply burdened and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


The shock of earthquake has hit Turkey, and once agian we are seeing on our TV screens, the impact of mighty tremours on the surface of our planet. Our buildings and roads are instantly turned into piles of rubble and concrete, and lives are torn in two and many lost forever to this world.

We watch the rescue teams who test, search and dig day and night, to try to rescue the few that may have survived the trauma, and perhaps bring them to the surface and safety.

Crowds of people wait, shout, pray, as they stand at the mouth of a hole in the mountain of debris, waiting incessantly for any sound or sign, that someone, anyone is alive.

Suddenly the cry goes up. She’s alive! A stretcher is passed over the heads of the orange-clad rescuers, carefully, gently, thankfully, and on to the waiting ambulance. There is cheering, clapping, high-fives, as the survivor is taken away to be cared for by those who can help.

There was once another rescue mission. A bid to save men, women, boys and girls, from death and destruction. You and I were among those, buried in the filth and trap of sin, unable to release ourselves from the certain death, which is waiting only a step away.

Jesus, our only hope of rescue, waits, searches, calls to us to come to him, and to be found by him. When he finds us, there is such rejoicing in heaven and earth, that someone has been taken from the wreckage of a sinful life, and is now safe forever. He takes them for the clutches of satan, and sets them free to live lives walking with him, and ultimately, to heavens reality.

The only problem for us, is that we don’t realise it and don’t feel our need. We have been trapped for so long, and are so numb toward God, that we die quietly and unsensingly. When he calls you, call out to him, and follow him. Why die when he is so near and loves you so much?


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