The face of greed is one that is attractive and monstrously hideous. The gospel of greed is constantly preached on every level of our society, and we are all encouraged to make money, build business, empire and all that is judged to make a country great. The few use the skills and talents of many to make an edifice of the factory and a money-making machine, so that the appearance of progress is seen and felt.

So many get squashed in the process, and their efforts are under recognized and under paid, and so the people at the top get richer and in real terms, the people who actually do the work, get persistently poorer. There are many others who have no hope of ever being able to even attempt such enterprise, and a cloying sense of failure inhabits the street of too many towns and cities.

Generation after generation suffer the after-effects of recession and the destruction of their local businesses, that have seemingly become out-of-date, but even after many years, nothing is put in their place. People have to live their lives in such sorrow, disappointment and the knowledge that it will not get better. They cannot move and have no access to learning anything that will change their lives.

The television shows a multitude of goods with glamour and necessity, but few can really afford such things and so the feeling of exclusion from the general society grows. Pictures of holidays to amazingly beautiful places that are the common destination, it would seem, must fuel the fire of resentment and poverty.

It is all a tiresome dream. Even those who are in the happy layer of society, experience breakdowns in their relationships and in business too, as the culture is now so volatile and fickle, so that nothing is certain and life becomes a turn on the roulette wheel.

Gambling has taken a hold and the high street is full of various types of betting shop. The stakes are so high and the winnings so low, that it becomes pointless to even worry about tomorrow and we just live for today, giving new meaning to the phrase “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” A cold and destructive sadness has gripped the nation and is set against the talking up of all the building and beautiful stuff going on around us, to try and sooth us in our sorrows and comfort us in our looses.

Schools have become sweat-shops where little children are maneuvered and manipulated into believing they are regarded as important, and that what they do is successful. The perpetual motion of the yearly cycle seems to bring changes, but in reality, nothing really changes.

The feeling of inevitability is crushing and outlook for the future shows empty hope and waking dreams. Who can address this situation? We are all caught up in it and the feeling of dread can be so destructive. It is easy to believe that no one is in control and we just have to put up with whatever happens, weather we like it on not.

There is another life, and inner life that no one can touch or destroy, a life that has such quality that it can overwhelm and counteract that destitution on the outside world. Human beings who have this life are the ones who hold the future and the sure and certain hope of a glorious day ahead.

If you are one such person, what are you doing about this state? Do we bury our heads in the sand of our own family, church and friendship group? Or do we use all our powers and resources to reach out. What would you be prepared to do? How much does God require of you?

If you have hope of heaven and are silent towards other people, what does that mean? I am not talking about setting up missions for a week, or some rather lame outreach into the community to salve our consciences. This is a serious and eternal business. God wants all. He is not willing that any should perish in the pit of destruction- what about you?

Gone are the days of philandering with friends in church and we now have the years ahead of deeply committed Christian service for the Master, Jesus the Lord. He calls you… do you hear. If you don’t obey, what does that mean?

The joy of knowing His presence with you and His power sustaining you, will be enough to keep you going. All the earthly props and pretences will melt away, and only Christ is left.

He is able to do more than we would ever ask or imagine! What a life to live in that blessed place, where His Spirit enervates and teaches and applies the Word of God to our lives.

“Lord, I lay myself down a your feet, that I might serve aright in this life, and forever enjoy the delights of perfect service above.”



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