The man on the cross


Why is the cross painted so roughly?

Some crosses are shiny gold or silver with diamonds and pearls embedded in them. This cross was the roughest of wood, full of splinters that caught the human flesh upon it. It was put together by a carpenter, with little care, and little pay for his work. They nailed a carpenter on it, a carpenter who cared dearly and who paid a terrible price upon it.

The soldiers rammed the cross into the hole, dug out in the rock hard earth. Every bone of His body, rattled out of joint, as the King of the Universe began the payment for the sins of His people. He hung there halfway between earth and sky, in such unjust agony for those who hated Him.

“Father forgive…” this His victory cry. No hate was ever found in Him and no harshness of judgment. He was suspended there to absorb the multitudes of sins in our debt, and to bear the appalling, punishment for our cruelty.

“It is finished” the Lamb is slain and the blood is spilt and we are forever free… He has bought us with His precious blood- royal blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Who would not bow to Him? If this is the payment of my debt, how can I think I can pay it myself?

If this is love, how can I live this life?

If this is the requirement of a holy God, how will I ever enter in?

We are dead in sin without our Lord Jesus.

We inherit the place of the lost without Him.

We have no hope in this world or the next.

“Lord, I give my life as a sacrifice of praise to you. Cleanse my rottenness and the sin that dwells in me. Make me who you intend me to be and I humbly obey… keep my eyes fixed on the man on the cross that I will never forget what I owe….”

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