Paul was blind for three days. Paul was steeped in theology and doctrine, but in three days his view was changed. His outlook was revolutionised.
He lost his blindness and received the Holy Spirit. In three days he was able to preach the gospel..

Paul became more and more powerful as he obeyed God and fulfilled God’s will in his life.. His life became a living sacrifice, totally pleasing to God. He subjugated all his own thoughts, ideas and desires to the will of the Father. Paul’s words from God, changed the world and opened the way for all peoples to access the throne of God and become members of the kingdom…

What happened to us? Many sit for years in churches and are never even able to speak the name of Christ…

Surely we serve the same God? He does not make mistakes or change his requirements of His people, so why is our world so dark?

Perhaps we need a season of blindness to teach us that God is still in control and still has a command over our lives. We need to awaken to seek His face and learn the deep doctrines and spiritual lessons in His inerrant Word.

God still requires His people to walk the servant’s path and preach His good news of the Kingdom- repentance and faith in the Living Lord- Jesus Christ the only Saviour…

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