Resurrection morning


No matter how far up the ladder of power
You are not exempt from the threat of deaths flower
Which blooms from the barrel of every gun
One purpose to annihilate awkward targets and run
Into the curtains of the cloak and dagger world
Where nothing is certain and truth left a flag permanently unfurled.
Never to let it fly, nor purpose to be laid bare
A world where humanity has nothing to share
Except the dark purpose of those who see the apparatchik
To give the ultimate goal of total commitment and pierce the cheek
Of the unjust stench of authoritarian doctrine
Leaving everything it touches, worm-ridden and rotten.

Another death, what does it matter anyway?
What’s one more life compared to the safety of many?
The end of one still touches all
A dogma yet enlivened to the faithful will call.
Accelerating the certain descent into gloom
And many lives face and meet the roving stride of doom.
Oh! Dark walker and talker of fateful hearts
Pour cold water on the gaping wounds which daily smarts.
Until the loathsome wound is covered, healed and satisfied
And we can draw the line under the grave where we have died.
There human flesh loiters waiting for the final act
Of the God-man who returns as the stated fact.
Resurrection morning dawns and all homo-sapiens leave the ground

In the deepest ocean, highest height and lowest bog they have found
That time is not the main event, there are future treasures
For those whose souls to the final bar- an imputed righteousness measures
Hope blooms, an eternal flower of content
Yet the lost to another fate are sent
Raised to face the horror of unpaid sins
As accusations and prosecution they can never win.
Death, the final enemy, is beaten for those who in life
Followed the master and took a backward step from strife.
They rise to glory, fame and eternal rest
With Him who they love above all, dearest and best.
It is not yet here, as the moments linger silent
Many view it with unbelief and that the judge is lenient
But, with surprise, all power and glory will fade
And human history instantly vanish into dark shade.

Hope returns, Oh glad day of joy and peace for ransomed souls
Justice, holiness and righteousness from both extreme poles
Their bodies of clay will break open the stone graves
And rise victorious, with powers renewed and unfazed,
By the memory of all that went before – and now gone
The future certain with the Son that for them has ever shone.
Look up! the resurrections morning is at hand
Graves wrench open and bodies leap across the land.
Unexpected release of those who are ready
And mount the skies of light with a step sure and steady.
All usurping power is now comprehended as superbly weak
Eyes to another, in hope and horror, are raised and future seek
These earthly days and years are now past forever
Friendships and loves will surely sever
Love at last conquerors all within its total path
And joy and beauty overcome all judgment and wrath.

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