Body and soul


As we read the Scriptures and meditate on the words and meaning, it is all too easy for us to fall into a wrong way of thinking. Many able people in the past and present have honoured one aspect of the truth of God to the detriment of others. One manifestation of this is the seeming opposition of the humanity of our bodies with the deeper spiritual life within. Many stumble on the idea that the spirit or soul within us is more worthy that the tangible flesh of our physical bodies.

This is also reflected in attitudes to the mind. The mind is the driving force behind all that we do and directs the body into action. The mind is incredibly powerful and can bring a person into trouble and illness very quickly. The mind has powers that can drive nations and invent amazing devices to benefit human life. It is also a corrupting force that leads us into darkness and sins. If the mind should become ill, then the body is also brought down and there is suffering in every part of our person.

Our souls are the part of us that relate to God. Until God resurrects us when we are forgiven and changed, our soul is insensible to the spiritual life with God. A raised soul is the inner and very precious part of us, that can commune with the Father. This is spiritual life, and is a treasure beyond measure and the place of fellowship with God. Here there is peace and joy for everyone who believes.

However, God made body and soul. God loves our human skin, and the touchable parts of life. He has made our physical bodies as well as the other hidden aspects of people. Christ redeemed our souls through His sacrifice on the cross, and our bodies will also, one day be equally redeemed. Heaven will be full of humans- body, mind and soul- and we will live forever in that state of immortality and incorruptibility. Redeemed bodies that never get sick or die. Souls set free from sin and judgment and punishment.

Jesus Himself already dwells in that place with a glorified human body, waiting and preparing a place for His people. He is forever the True God and the Perfect man. Christ made our flesh, and died to save it, as well as our souls… He has left us a physical book to guide and teach. He has left a memorial feast of bread and wine so we never forget the sacrifice He made for us. He left the demonstration of baptism to witness the passing of spiritual death into spiritual life through the water.

God is the God of all, every aspect of our person is redeemed through faith in Christ.

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