Are you gradually breaking out of the prison of your chrysalis? Does the body of your caterpillar- self, know the changing power – the miracle – of the metamorphosis into the life of a butterfly?

We can watch so many in or society demonstrating the weakness and futility of human projects, that fail and fall and lead many into the emptiness of lives without meaning. So many lives that forget God or throw over the “restrictions” of the moral law, and fall helplessly into the abyss of self-belief and self-confidence.

It is possible for human beings to rise out of failure, and be lifted up to lives of purpose. No matter how far down the moral ladder you go, or how empty our lives appear to us, the metamorphosis of a new life is always possible. It is not necessary to spend our time, grubbing about in our little world, just caught up with the trivialities of life, and never understanding the prospect of vitality, power, courage and faith that are the characteristics of the Christian.

Greatness is not just for the “great” – those who always seem to be at the front of things – but God calls all his children to live large lives for Him. Living in the shallows is not the destiny of any Christian. Swimming in the depths of the love of God, and running the race of life with power and stamina, is the default state of every Christian, where ever they might be and what ever service they may be doing for Christ’s sake.

Just as Christ is not “ordinary” and lived the most spectacular of lives for the glory of God and as a mighty demonstration of what God can do in a human life, so those who follow Him are no less ordinary and have available to them all the power and might of the eternal God to do ever greater works than Jesus himself did.

The pity is we expect so little, and are satisfied with little faith, medium-sized usefulness and lack-luster passion for either Jesus or the people around us. As long as me and mine are safe and sound, that’s all that can be expected of me, as I am sinful, weak and puny. What a cop-out. Christ saved all who came to him, he healed everyone, no matter if they believed in who He is or not. He fed them all, thousands at a sitting. Good food, satisfying food and spiritual food. The people around us are hungry, in every way hungry – but there is no food. They come to church, but there is no food there either. Where are they all to be satisfied and find the way to change?

Will you pray for this kind of power? You need to be careful, because it will change you and change everything you know and touch and challenge your thought patterns and the way you process ideas. Are you brave enough for this or are you going to play it safe?

Power is a dangerous commodity, as we can see from the wielding of it in our human societies. But this is different, this power will bring you down, humble you, strengthen you and give you the power that raised Jesus for the dead. You will be given the ability to use it for the sake of others and for the glory of God. Men, women, boys and girls…. grasp the sword and pull it from the stone. The double edge will bring victory to all who throw themselves into the action.

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