To live for Christ is much more difficult and complicated than we think. People will accuse the Christian of all kinds of things. Everyone has an agenda and few really understand God’s ways. The Christian must live their lives honestly and before the Lord and thoroughly understand the Word of God. The Christian seeks wisdom so that we can judge and discerns God’s will and act in the right way.

When others take issue with us, it is right that we should seek God and the truth. Self-examination is a key ability, and understanding our own motives behind what we do is a painful skill to learn. Assuming we are in the right, is unwise, until we examine our own motives and consciences. Because we are criticised does not necessarily mean we are in the wrong either. We should not just buckle and bend and become uncomfortable about not being accepted. Trying to minister to others is an activity of self-sacrifice and totally depending on God. Being honest with ourselves and other people is paramount and as we live for Christ, He will help us to stand.

To stand up as a Christian in ungodly situations is very difficult. We are called upon to walk in faith, to keep our faith shining brightly, and to represent the Lord- a very tall order… This is why we need to stay close to Him, so that we remain faithful to His ways and keep our own lives free from worldly fear and anxiety. There are times of challenge and threat- this is the season of prayer and trusting God to help us walk through our days, in calmness and trust. God will order events for our benefit and His glory.. He will not let the righteous be shaken.

Wether we stand or not has a direct link with our personal walk with the Lord Jesus. If we are unsure of His strength we will lack confidence and it will make difficulties for ourselves. As we face particular trials, we prove His love and learn to follow the Master.

Remaining standing is the gift of faith and the building up of our devotion to God.


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