To be like Christ


In the quietness of the Christian’s times with God, we can feel a fear and a hesitancy to ask for certain things, that we know God would have us do. As we read the Scriptures, we get to know what He wants for us as His people, how He works and what He does in our lives. It can make us fearful. His desire is that we be like Christ, but it is so hard to pray for it. As we get to know our Father in heaven increasingly, we see what He is like and that He requires holiness and a close fellowship with Him and the Holy Spirit.

This is personal. Every Christian faces this with their God and Saviour.

What if God does things in my life that changes me and I don’t like it? What of He should require me to do things I don’t want to do that are painful? In my heart, I instinctively know what He will require – everything, but how will that affect me and what will it mean? I will be asked to put it all on the altar and follow the Master at all times. The cross must be lifted and the narrow way walked, that I might become the woman I am meant to be.

Self is nailed to the cross and crucified every day, silenced and bound, by the power of the Spirit. The bending of our knees is so hard for us to do, as we resist giving up our perceived self-determination, but really we are denying ourselves the greatest blessing of all.

Women and men in the past have proved His love and power, over and over again, in the most challenging of circumstances. They have rejected self and embraced Christ and have discovered a whole life full of delight, mercy and love, even in very dire life events and trails. To know Christ and the power of his resurrection is the ultimate holy ambition for every child of God. This is the desire of every child of God, but the way is difficult and cannot be walked without the Master.

How wonderful to actually be like the Lord and to know that daily communion with Him, and to feel presence of his Spirit.? To know rest and peace each day, no matter what the day is like, and to totally trust in His love to keep us at all times. All threats will vanish, wars and strivings cease, and the things of this world system will count as nothing to us.

As we walk, we will be better able to speak for Him and live true lives of service, living in the reality of His life, and doing what He tells us as we keep His commandments. The worries and problems generated by a sinful world will diminish, and we will exercise our faith to obey and not fret.

Once we set off on the Christian pathway, we can never go back. It is a journey through life with the one who knows all about it and has felt every pain that we feel. He totally empathises with us and His power is the same power that made everything and upholds the universes. We can have total confidence in Him, after all, He knows the way and will keep us on the road and walking, until we reach the end. For the Christian, there is really only glory, as our sins have been dealt with, we have God’s book, and we can talk with Him anytime.

We are going home. Even if we fall, fail, make wretched choices and become lazy, Christ himself will strengthen us and stir us up to keep His way and follow.

How wonderful to be a soul winner and be able to speak his message effectively and persuade others that they need Him too. His is the path of life, the meaning of life, and its highest destiny. To be like Christ is our dearest state and or highest ground, and our soul’s sincere desire.

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