What did David have in his handbag? 

He knew he was going out to face an ultimate foe- an enemy who would conquer him and humiliate him easily. As he looked at that huge fighting machine of a man, he thought of instances in the past where God had kept him and given him the victory over wild beasts. David was victorious over the lion and the bear, against the odds. David knew God personally and up close and knew His power was all he needed.

David chose carefully that day, what he put in his handbag. He chose five small, smooth stones from the brook and placed them in his bag and tied it to his belt. David was a man of courage and supreme faith. He knew he only needed one stone against Goliath, but he also knew that military strength and height ran in Goliath’s family. Perhaps there were brothers or sisters who would come out against David in outrage of their dead brother. Maybe these stones were in readiness for any eventuality. David was ready and prepared. He thought about what he had to do and possibilities of what could happen. God was his helper, but he himself had to think and be prepared for the fight ahead. He had to think like God would…

David only needed the one small stone. God gave David the victory, and everyone saw it. No one came out to support Goliath.. who can face the living God, who’s power can work through an unlikely person.?


What was in Judas’ handbag?

Judas’ handbag was worth having! It had money in it- lots of it since it was the housekeeping for the whole disciple band. He liked being in charge of it, as he was corrupt and would take coins out if it for himself. Jesus knew, the others didn’t. Judas didn’t seem to much care, as long as he had what he wanted at the time.

Judas carried his handbag around for three years. He loved the feeling of being in charge and it made him feel important when the other disciples came and asked for funds. One day, the money began to dwindle. He was not happy about the feeling of need and dependance that came with that situation.

He remembered an offer he had been made a while back- the Chief Priests and religious leaders wanted Jesus delivered into their hands. They offered Judas a bribe – 30 pieces of silver – an amount that would keep Judas’ avarice happy for a month. He began to plot about it, turn it over in his mind, imagine..

Judas found himself in the temple courts. He sold his Master for a months pocket money…

So he got the silver in his handbag. He was happy for a few hours and then the bitterness of what he had done sank into his greedy, godless mind. His handbag became a dead weight.

Judas threw it in the dirt and fell headlong after it, spilling out his wickedness into a field of blood.

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What was in the servants handbag?

A merchant went on a journey for a protracted period of time. He chose his most reliable servants and entrusted them with his wealth, to be wise with it when he was away. He gave one five bags, one two bags and one- one bag. The Master gave the bags of money to his servants according to what he thought they could handle. He was looking for profit, but in his kindness recognised that not everyone is the same..

The servant with five bags worked hard and managed to produce another five bags in profit. The servant with two bags made another two, thereby also doubling the profit from his work.

The third servant was lazy and complacent and had a wrong attitude towards the Master. He just hid the bag and hoped for the best- maybe the Master wouldn’t notice. But the Master did. The lazy servant was punished and he lost everything. Soft-soap didn’t work and the wicked servant was cast into outer darkness.

The other servants who had been astute and creative in making more of the contents of their handbags, were given more and entered into great joy.

Whatever God has given you in your handbag, you need to use it to its full extent, because God looks for fruit where He doesn’t even plant. We are responsible for what we are given and if God gives us large handbags with lots of gifts in them, we are required to fulfil all our abilities for His glory.


What was in Job’s handbag?

Job’s handbag was full of his sins. It was a catalogue of every evil thought, unkind deed and careless word that Job had ever committed. Some Job did not even know about so that his conscience was shielded from burdens too heavy to bear. They were all put in his handbag by his loving God, so that Job wouldn’t have to think of them every day and keep worrying about all he had done wrong against his loving God.

The sins in Job’s bag were sealed up tight so that no one could get into the bag and take them out and examine all the wrongs. It was God’s way of covering over Job’s sin so that he would not be blamed for it. God shielded Job from his sin, so that Job’s life would not be taken over by guilt and dread.

Job had an enemy who was bent on hurt and destruction. Job knew the blame and accusations from the enemy and the so-called “friends” who visited him, were not from God. His handbag was shut by the love and mercy of his Father God.

God delivers His people from the guilt and power of sin and sets them free to love and worship Him with great joy. If we are constantly accused for wrongs, it us not our loving Saviour, but the spite of the enemy. Our account is shut, paid for by the blood of Christ and no one can hurt us or bring us down. The bag is shut and it is important that we don’t open it ourselves and bring pain into our minds and hearts.

Job suffered greatly, and so do we, but the pain of unpaid for sin is not included.

Everyone has a handbag… What we use it for and what we do with the contents will decide our eternal destiny and also the praise we will receive from The Lord…


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