New start


January is the month of the “new start” after the December “blow out.” A new diet; a clean up of the home; a new promise to live a better life and perhaps even begin going to church…

Unfortunately, the new resolutions almost never last, and by the end of the month, nothing has really changed.

We instinctively realize that our lives are not quite what they should be, and if we read the Bible, we find out that we are right. God tells us we are not good enough to even be in his presence, and we are cut off from knowing him truly.

Our inclination to sinfulness keeps us away from God and out of the blessings that he wants for us. Our wrongdoing must also be paid for, and we are unable to put things right by ourselves.

This is why JESUS came. His death on the cross was the consequence of our sin, and as he hung there on that cruel cross, he paid for all sinful people (you and me) who repent and trust in Him.

We can have a new life this year, a life of forgiveness and peace with God. To get it, we must humble ourselves, give up our sins and repent, and put our trust in what he did for us. It is the greatest gift of all, and lasts long into eternity, as we love God and walk with him forever.

Come to JESUS and ask him to forgive you and give you a new start.

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