What a sorry tale of woe we weave around our hearts and minds when we refuse the Lord and are satisfied with the things of this life, even if they are legitimate blessings. We live for earthly life and have little sensibility for the spiritual life, or the future life we claim, in the age to come.

For some reason we turn to anything else to pacify and comfort our tired and weary mind. Distractions will relax you and stultify your judgment like nothing else. We let it wash over us in a warm wave, and whatever attitudes and mindset happen to be in fashion, it goes in and tarnishes our holiness.

Matthew 11:28 NIV. Jesus said, “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden with worries and I will give you rest..” Jesus is the ultimate burden bearer as He is able to shoulder all our troubles and comfort us with His comfort.

He reminds us that we belong to Him. This world is a passing shadow that we walk through in His strength and love. We are heading for another life, far above this dark world and we will live there forever as His children of light. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and shows us truth, teaches wisdom and gives the power to persevere.

Where do I look for council? Surely the best source in the Word of God. As I learn and imbibe all the council of God, so I am able to cope with my own difficulties and also help others. The rivers of living water will flow out and will refresh those who also seek the Lord.

What motivates us for work each day? The sense of indebtedness we feel towards Christ will enervate the body, mind and soul to serve Him with all our heart. To bring glory to His name is our first delight and to share the good news with outsiders, brings the fruit.

Our lives as Christians should be worth it, as we do all for His glory. The gloomy clouds will lift and we will see clearly the object of our love and so find that elusive rest for our souls…

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