Tacks in the road


Tacks in the road are a nuisance and cause problems for all drivers. They get left there carelessly and busy workers can omit to sweep them up out of the way. Driving in the car, they cannot be seen and unnoticed they cause damage and cost to the owner.

There are many problems and crucial issues in the Christian church, and these are argued over and debated about over and over in religious life. The same doctrines come up time and time again, and endlessly talked over and certain writers books referred to as to add weight to what is said. They are like tacks in the road that cause damage and hurt because of careless talk and fruitless discussions.

No one changes their position and so the problem of the tacks, perpetuates itself. These tacks take our mind of the real and pressing issues about love for Christ and love for others. It is too easy to get caught up in academic wrangles and miss the point of why we are here and what God wants us to do. We can get to thinking that just talking about issues is actual Christian witness and service, when it is just hot air.

Maybe if we honestly thought about, confronted, discussed the issues, they could actually be resolved. We could find a way to relate to each other and have a respect for a different point of view. The trouble is, everyone thinks they are right, and so we are back to the beginning again.

The tacks need to be swept up and put in a box for another day and we need to get on with driving our car and doing the job God has given us to do. Maybe as we are actively involved in the real-life world, the tacks/issues/problems will automatically be solved as we confront them head-on.

There are plenty of people who need the Lord, and plenty of souls who need to hear about a loving Saviour, who can forgive and raise them up to a new life in His kingdom.

Pass me the dust pan and brush…

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