What will you do?


There is no such thing as a silent Christian..

Where is prayer? What does it cost us? How many lost people do I personally know and am meaningfully involved with? How long would I persist with a soul who takes and wastes time and refuses to come to Christ? These are the questions and they decide whether I care or not. It doesn’t matter how many functions I put on and how slick is my outreach event, if we are not engaged with actual people, it’s a waste of time, money and effort.

The taking up of the cross, is not what we might think. Christ carried that death device for our sake. He had to trail it across the streets of Jerusalem, outside to a hill where He would be made a spectacle of. Joseph, commandeered by the Roman soldiers, helped the Lord by carrying it for Him- such was the weakened state of the human body of the “maker of the ends of the Earth.” Will we get away with less?

We are commanded to “take up our cross” and follow Him.. It is painful, distressing, disappointing and humiliating. There is no crown in this life. If we are to enjoy the glory of our Saviour, then we must suffer for His sake. There is no resurrection without death first. As Christ died for our sins, so we die daily to ours. Nothing can be covered over, favourite sins harboured and hidden, energy wasted on foolish activities… this is the way of the cross. Perhaps we need to reevaluate our devotion to carrying it. Maybe we need to fix our eyes on Him? Jesus my Lord, carried it for me, so I will imitate Him and use my strength for His glory.

Will I bear it for the sake of others who are dying in their sins? Will I humble myself, give all that I have to the one who gave all for me, and seek out His lost ones for His sake? The way of the cross is not glamorous- there is no glory in it here and now. You will not be praised to the skies, or even noticed…

Those who looked at Christ, that terrible day, as He stumbled to Calvary, scoffed and mocked Him. Some wept tears- tears without the reality of pity- that Jesus gave back to them without accepting any for Himself…. what a Saviour..! His heart was always for His people and His focus was saving them, not adulation for Himself. Why would I not love such a one? Because I know it will cost me.

That cross shows the worth of a soul. The worth of your soul, that He was prepared to do that for you- to shoulder that torment for you… you have to decide what you want… the cross to glory, or the easy way to shame. The people around you.. what do you have for them.? Jesus counts them worth to lay down His life, what will you do..?

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