Anarchy in the UK


Whoever said that children were sweet and innocent!

I have spent two days in Reception class – 29 anarchic four year olds! They were cooped up in a small classroom and creating merry havoc universally, and gradually going stir-crazy as the day progressed. Why do we do this to our little ones? We are the only country that forces three-year-olds to learn letter sounds. It was a high octane, adrenalin extended shot over six and a half hours, for everyone. I feel deeply sorry for them, as they are very innovative and show great initiative in thinking of new ideas, but there is so little opportunity for expression. I made them some blue dough to play with and they had a whale of a time, with the dough flying everywhere! It is so funny to watch them playing and see what they do, as it is spread all around the room…

One little boy has serious behaviour issues, and if you ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do, you will get kicked, punched and spat at. He is so cute and small and you think that would never come out of such an adorable little boy, but he can give you what for in a instant. The second day he was much better and he even got a pen to take home. My heart goes out to him, because the future will be difficult if he does not learn to deal with his anger and frustration.

Why bother? too many say. Well, the effect of a loving adult in anyones life is so necessary. If home isn’t so great, then school becomes really crucial and children get the chance to form friendships and relationships with all kinds of people.

God says, “They who are wise will shine like the firmament and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars for ever and ever.” Daniel 7:3

In these days, most outreach is not in church but on the streets, schools, workplaces, and certainly with these little lives that are hardly started.

JESUS said, “except you become as a little child, you cannot enter in.” and “Heavenly father, I thank you that you have hidden these things from the wise and revealed them to babes.” Matthew 11

Thank him for all that he has shown to us in his mercy…

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